Extra-Curricular Activities

Why should you consider extra-curricular activities you may ask? The answer lies within all the benefits extra-curricular activities provide.

  • Social Opportunities, you will meet many new people and become more involved with communities.

  • Improved academic performance, activities keep a healthy mindset which improves your productivity.

  • University Applications (USA Universities specifically), having extra-curricular activities will make your application for universities stronger, and it gives you a competitive edge over others when applying for harder universities. Note: extra-curricular activities count for 30% of your application in US universities!

  • Essential life skills, in Saudi, when you apply for a job, they will ask you what skills you have, and you can tell them some skills you have learned from extra-curricular activities.

  • Explore interests and create a new sense of perspective, for you’ll have the opportunity to unlock hidden passions you’re unaware of, as well as give you a new perspective in the long term. For example, joining an astronomy club would make you see the world in the eyes of an astronomer, which is something that you would have probably never thought before.


Now what are some forms of extra-curricular activities?


Fortunately, Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of volunteering that can be done. Ranging from rehabilitating computers (Ertiqa) to helping spread cancer awareness indicates the wide variety of volunteering work you can possibly do. As previously mentioned, volunteering will help you with essential life skills and improve your leadership qualities, which is what universities want in a student. Al-Fozan group contains many organizations that you could look into, or if it is not suited to your likings, you could just search up volunteering in your respective city, and there should be a lot of offers and organizations.

Why should we volunteer for these communities though? These communities put in a lot of effort to provide for their community and achieve their goals even though they are non-profitable. For example, Ertiqa receives old peripherals and PCs, and they go through the process of cleaning, updating, and refining them in order to provide for schools in need and people who can not afford new technology. All organizations have certain goals that benefit the community, and your role as a volunteer is to help them as much as possible achieve that goal.



Another amazing volunteer organization is the Saudi red crescent authority. Their main goal is to offer medical services to those in critical situations, and they offer a variety of volunteer work for students to do. They hold volunteering events frequently, and you can check them out by clicking this link.


Most extra-curricular activities include sports like football, basketball, table tennis and much more. You can include all athletics clubs you have joined in your university application, be it a club in your school or a professional club. Athletics also help in life skills, gives you more self-esteem, and possibly lead you to be more social.

Academic Competitions / Tournaments

This is the best way to show universities your excellence in a subject and how competitive you can be, which is exactly what strong universities look for. Please click on the links for more information about the tournaments and requirements.

A science and engineering competition designed by Mawhiba. (Nationally recognized)

A very famous competition that has been held for decades, this tournament will help you get globally recognized by other universities.

A competition that is provided by Australia that includes over 70 countries participating. It is a challenging multiple-choice exam that has an entree fee of 60 riyals.

Research Opportunities

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Students in 11th grade are bestowed the opportunity to attend a rewarding research program hosted by KAUST. You will work in advanced laboratories and experience the life of a scientist throughout the day. You will conduct university-level research given to you by KAUST faculty members and you will work with them to help pursue the goals of their research.

The program is six weeks long and starts in the summer, and the top 43 students male and female across the country are picked to contribute.

If you think you are up for the challenge contact srsi@kaust.edu.sa.

Mawhiba’s Research Program

During the summer holiday, you will attend a research course to enrichen your knowledge of the sciences you choose of. You will come up with research ideas in partnership with many leading agencies, hospitals, and universities.  This course will also help you acquire leadership ship and personal skills. In this program, you can choose whether you want to attend full time (even on weekends) or attend only on weekdays (non-residential).

Registration is available for grades 9, 10 and 11 female and male, and you have to be in Mawhiba. For more details about this program and how to participate, please click here.