Comprehensive guide on how to choose a major

Most of the students who supervised entering the university face a problem in choosing a major, because it is one of the most important decisions in your life. In fact, 61% of graduates would like to change their major if the time comes back . Surely you are here because you wondered which major to choose? You must take into account several things when choosing a major. In this guide, we will show you how to choose the right specialization for you and your career based on several factors.

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Capacity is the things that you can generally do. Knowing your abilities and skills is a first step to wiping away many specialties from your mind. Some people are good at memorizing, others in critical thinking ... etc. Set your abilities and ask others around you. But keep in mind that you can build certain abilities and that your abilities today are not the same as your abilities 5 years from now.


You should bear in mind that each university has a specific weighted degree required, either for the preparatory year or for specialization. To find out the weighted ratios required for universities, click here.



You can choose your major based on your principles in life. For example: You want to help patients reduce their pain and provide them with treatment, so you choose to become a doctor. But don't just make all of your attention dependent on your principles, many people mature and prove and change their principles at university.


Concerns and passion

Choosing to specialize based on your passion may be one of the best things to do for yourself. Imagine giving money to something you'd like to do. You can also choose by specific interest. Attention is like passion, but passion is stronger, clearer, and it goes back to your principles as well. Usually, interests may change, but passion is difficult to change. But keep in mind that you must make sure that if you choose a major based on your passion, you will find jobs and a future for this major.

If you cannot determine your interest or passions, ask your friends and family. You can also take tests to determine specialization:

الدليل الشامل لكيفية اختيار التخصص

The future of specialization

Do you find jobs for this major when you graduate? Will jobs for this major be available 10 or 20 years from now if you want to change the employer? You should ask yourself these questions and see statistics and career growth. To see the specializations required for 2030, click here


To see the jobs that are currently available for a specific discipline, see the indeed site, which helps you to search for available jobs and publish your CV. We also advise you to follow Dr. Wafi Abdullah 's account on Twitter, as he publishes, from time to time, available job opportunities in some regions of the Kingdom, and to follow up on the functional hashtags and social media in general.


Extension of specialization

The scientific extension of the specialization is that you study in the postgraduate stage a specialization close or identical to your major in the bachelor's level, or that you study in the doctoral level a specialization close or similar to your major that you studied at the master's level. Some jobs and bodies, especially academic positions in universities, are strict in this matter. Also, the completion of postgraduate studies in some Saudi universities or the external scholarship for the "Your mission is your mission" mission (sometimes) requires the extension of the specialization that was studied at the undergraduate stage. Keep in mind that it is not a permanent prerequisite so it varies from place to place and there is no list approved by the Ministry of Education for the extension of specialization.

Your future in the specialty

What is your goal in the field and do you see yourself happy in the future? What stages do you want to connect to your major? Ask yourself these questions and if you have difficulty determining a particular major, but you have found a field you can take a very general specialization like mechanical engineering.



You may say that the salary does not matter when choosing a major, but this is not true, as none of us wants to experience financial hardship after several years when he wants to start a family, etc.

The salaries of majors vary according to their importance in the labor market. Years of experience also play an important role in the amount of the salary, the more years of experience your salary generally increases.

These sites help you know the average salary for a specialty, but make sure that the written salary applies in Saudi Arabia:

الدليل الشامل لكيفية اختيار التخصص

Choose a university

Not all universities are Cao, either in order for a specific major or for a general ranking. The strength of the university helps with recruitment and helps in learning and mastering the major. Accordingly, you can locate your university via Arrange them for the specialty you want and the opportunities they provide for you. To find out the top 7 Saudi universities for 2020, click here and to see QS overall universities ranking click here

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Give yourself time

Give yourself time to define your major in terms of thinking and exploration. Be aware that you have a lot of time in your hand. Some universities allow you to change the major after a year.

You can take training programs (Internships) that help you explore some areas where you will take a firsthand experience, see and ask people about their job. These programs are often held in the summer and a summer site is considered one of the largest training program sites offered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf".

You can also take courses in the areas you think about or explore new ones. These sites provide you with online courses:

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Consult around you

  • Talk to your friends and family about what they think is right for you and what might help you. This does not mean that you take their opinion blindly, but it does mean that you take ideas from them.

  • Talk to academic advisors who are available at universities or high schools, as helping them is one of your tasks.

  • Talk to professional guides who specialize in these topics, as they can give you a long-term view. If you don't find guides around you, you will find them on some websites like Career Advisor.

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Pros and Cons

There is no specialty without flaws, but we must be aware of the flaws of specialization that we want. Think about these and other things:

  • Think about whether you want to change it in college years. If you were to change it, would the new specialization differ completely in the subjects?

  • You can take a general specialization and then take a master’s degree in something more specific.

  • Will I get a job upon graduation easily?

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Change of specialty

If you change your mind about the major in which you are, there are some universities and missions that allow you to change the major while studying. This is difficult if the specialization you want in another field is completely different from your field, or if you are past the preparatory year, because the difference may be radical. Usually if you will study a preparatory year, then you can change the major, or even after studying the first year if the specialization is very similar to your major in some universities. You should check that the university would like to study to see where the laws and conditions in the change of specialization.

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Looking and reading about specialization

Search and read about the major in your mind in all respects:

  • Specialization materials

  • The latest news related to specialization in university websites

  • Videos on YouTube

  • Articles

  • Interdisciplinary forums


These sites provide a lot of information:

  • Qoura

    • Write your questions about a specific major and people will answer you based on their own experiences and opinions on the topic.

  • Discovery

    • A site in Arabic that can help identify specialties. He has an encyclopedia about specialties. He also has a good amount of information for students. You can also ask an expert about a specific major.

  • University guidance

    • This Arabic site can assist you in choosing a major by providing some advice and articles on this issue.

  • CollegeGrad

    • This site helps you to identify the main points in almost every discipline and profession. It tells you what they do, the work environment, how to become one, salary, job expectations and related occupations.

  • MyMajors

    • This site helps students determine the best majors that suit them. You can do a free 15-minute assessment and they will suggest some specialties. Also, they have a list full of majors, universities and careers, so you can get a complete view of the topic.

  • PayScale

    • This site provides you with an average salary for almost every job.

الدليل الشامل لكيفية اختيار التخصص

Review yourself and see the reality

Review yourself one more time and ask yourself such questions:

  • What job do I want?

  • Will this specialization help me get it?

  • What is the appropriate university for this major?

  • Does specialization match my abilities, principles, interests and passions?

  • Have I clarified the negatives and positives for myself?

الدليل الشامل لكيفية اختيار التخصص


Choosing to specialize may be a difficult thing, but it is an important thing for your life and a pleasant trip for you if you take advantage of it and walk in it with a positive and realistic look. If you are confused about your choice, ask God to fear and not be afraid and think that your happiness may end up with only choosing your major. There are many factors that help in your happiness, the most important of which are your personality, your religion, your enthusiasm, and your positive outlook.


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