There are many programs and organizations that give scholarships to universities outside the kingdom in different majors and levels of education where tuition fees, as well as a monthly salary, is granted to the student. The different programs have different pros and cons. And it is worth saying that students can study outside the kingdom on their own money and later enroll in a scholarship program.

The Different Scholarships

KAUST Scholarship

This scholarship program named KGSP attracts the most academically successful students from around the country. It is a fully-funded scholarship that covers travel expenses with a monthly salary. It provides a foundation year at several renowned universities where they prepare students for the academic challenge of undergraduate study. The program as many benefits and provides an undergraduate study in the US.


The application process is listed as follows:

  • Students receive an invitation via email to apply for KGSP in early January. How does a student receive an invitation? They have to be nominated from their partners (Mawhiba, National Olympiads, the Saudi research science institute). But don’t worry if you weren’t nominated because you can apply for an invitation if you meet their requirements which are:

    • Saudi Arabian nationality

    • Current student in grade 12 (completing the final year of high school)

    • Current high school Grade Point Average minimum of 95/100 or equivalent

    • Proficiency in the English language

      • Option 1: TOEFL IBT total score of 80 or above

      • Option 2: IELTS total score of 6.5 or above

    • Qodurat or SAT minimum score

      • Option 1: Qodurat total score of 95/100

      • Option 2: SAT Reasoning scores of 700 in the math section with 1200 overall (total)

  • Completing an online application and an in-person interview. And all applicants must have a strong command of English meeting a minimum score of 80 in the TOEFL IBT or a 6.5 for the IELTS

  • Students receive the KGSP decision

  • Students accept the KGSP offer and register for orientation.

The requirements for this scholarship are taken from their website.

For more information about the scholarship visit the KGSP website.


Aramco Scholarship

This program is offered by Aramco to high school graduates. Students can go to two different ways of attending the program. Either by attending the College Preparatory Program for 10 months, then attending a university, OR directly going to a university without the college program. To skip the college preparatory program certain requirements are required. After that students gain successful completion of their bachelor’s degree and are targeted for employment.

Admission to the college preparatory program is done through applying to it first in March, then taking a test that relies on math and English. One key thing to note is your admission and the major you will get in this scholarship relies heavily on the Aramco test.

Vital things to note about this scholarship is that you don’t always get to take whatever major you want. Aramco gives you options about certain majors and then assigns the major for you based on your scores on tests and mainly your admission test. Also, you don’t get to choose what university you will go to, Aramco gives you a list of universities that you will apply to with the ability to add and remove some. After you get accepted to these universities you give your preference and it will be considered, but the final choice depends on Aramco.

Not all majors are available in this scholarship. Different majors are available each year however, it usually revolves around engineering.

To check the requirements learn more about this program check this link.

Disclaimer: some of the information here is taken from students who enrolled in this scholarship and not from the website 


Mawhiba scholarship

One of the most known programs for students. Mawhiba provides programs for prospective students from 9th grade until 12th grade. Furthermore, they provide a scholarship program. You can enroll in their scholarship program without being one of their. To earn a scholarship program from them you have to receive an unconditional offer from one of the top 50 universities globally which are listed here.

The countries available at this scholarship is US,UK and Germany (only Medicine). To learn more about this Scholarship program and its requirements check this link.


Cultural Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who have the expertise (keep in mind that you can apply without expertise) and a passion in the art & social majors in universities that are approved by the ministry. The program contains 3 paths and many specialties.

For those who study with their own money
For those who got an acceptance in any of these universities.
For the new students who want this scholarship.

You can see all the general conditions
here. However, there is some information that isn't clear:
Age: there is no specific age for this scholarship.
The introductory video: the ministry will require an introductory video and there are three main things to keep in mind which are: introduce yourself, talk about your passion, talk about your goals.
Previous scholarship: it doesn't matter if you have enrolled in a previous scholarship.
previous major: it doesn't matter if your previous major doesn't align with these majors.
GPA: the scholarship doesn't care for the GPA as much as it cares for creativity. Know that there is no specific GPA that is required or an English score.

Application date:
The window for applications is open all year-round. However, for the student in the third path, the application has closed for the 2021 scholarship in March, and the application for the 2022 scholarship is open since April

For more information check our in-depth article.


Sabic scholarship

This scholarship targets this year's high school graduates to give them a scholarship for local and abroad universities in certain majors according to the company needs> This program a foundational year to prepare students to study at universities. After the scholarship ends the student must come back and work for them the same amount of time for the scholarship. Keep in mind that it is not certain that you get the major you want, and this is the application link.


  • GPA of 90% or higher

  • A grade of 80 or higher in the GAT

  • A grade of 80 or higher for maths, physics, chemistry, and English.

  • A grade of 75 or higher in the SAAT though it won't be required when you apply.


to see all the general conditions click here.

Covers tuition expenses, monthly stipend, housing allowance, books and such allowance, medical coverage,yearly airplane tickets, and bonuses for excelling students.

Most famous majors they have:
Chemical engineer, Mechanical engineer, Industrial engineer, Law, Chemistry, Marketing, Accounting, Environmental engineer, Material engineer, Supply chain management, Safety engineer, Human resources, Finance, and Software engineer.


Scholarship's local universities:

  • King Fahd university

  • King Saud university

  • King Abdul-Aziz university


Application date:
temporarily closed

بعثتك وظيفتك

A program that begins with the candidate having fulfilled the required conditions on a scholarship ending with employment through partnerships that have been concluded with the private sector, or a study scholarship ending with employment in the private sector according to the terms of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques program for external scholarship. Registration for this scholarship is annual. The registration portal can be followed through Here

Note: The program is currently closed and there is no information about the opening date of the program. For more information click here


بعثة النخبة

The Elite Program aims to send Saudi male and female students to the twenty universities according to reliable academic rankings in various scientific disciplines. As any student who receives direct, unconditional acceptance from any of these universities gets a direct scholarship.


For a list of the top 20 universities and program requirements, click here


بعثة المنح الدولية

When a student obtains a free scholarship from a foreign university recommended by degree and specialization, the Ministry will sponsor the remaining scholarship benefits according to the terms and conditions. Most universities outside the Kingdom offer scholarships that cover the costs of the university for very distinguished students.

This scholarship is for students who have received a scholarship from one of these universities as the government will provide the benefits of the normal scholarship such as: a monthly bonus. For more information click here


المسار الصحي او البرنامج الطبي

A direct scholarship for those who receive direct acceptance in one of the specific health specialties. This scholarship is for those who wish to major in medicine and have obtained direct, unconditional acceptance without a foundation year for medicine specialization, and it is not sufficient to have acceptance only for a foundation year.

For more information click here


بعثة البرامج الطبية

It is a program that was announced for the first time in the year 2019 and aims to send students to study human medicine in Britain, Ireland and Bahrain.

Note: Registration is currently closed

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